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  • Ace 8 Channel Data Logger

    Ace 8 Channel Data Logger can Measure and Record various parameters like vacuum, pressure, Temperature, humidity & differential pressure in a single instrument. It can take 8 inputs say all of vacuum or Pressure or Temperature etc. Or each Channel 1 for Humidity, Channel 2 for Temperature Channel 3 for Differential Pressure & so on.

    Applications of 8 channel data logger: Temperature recording application in Industry, Scientific research and Quality assurance applications, Research and Development.


    KSh 36984KSh 50038

    Ace 8 Channel Data Logger

    KSh 36984KSh 50038
  • Ace AI-800-FLP Flameproof 8 Channel Universal Data Logger

    Ace AI-800-FLP Flameproof 8 Channel Universal Data Logger can take inputs of RTD Pt-100 Sensors (Temperature), Pressure (4-20 mA), Humidity (4-20 mA), Temperature from Transmitters (4-20 mA), Any thermocouples , Voltage or Current (mA) Signals. Data loggers can be programmed to print data from all 8 channels at any time interval using the front keys and the time between successive printouts can be set anywhere between 5 and 9999 seconds. The date, time, channel number, and value are also printed on the printout.
    Applications: Temperature recording applications in industry logical research and quality affirmation applications, innovative work.

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