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  • Dwyer® MS2-W101 Air velocity Sensor With Display

    Dwyer® MS2-W101 Air velocity Sensor With Display combines the proven stable Hall Effect sensing technology of original MS with additional features to reduce installation time and simplify ordering. The voltage output can be selected to be either 0 to 5 VDC or 0 to 10 VDC, while the current is always 4 to 20 mA. Both the current and voltage output can also be inverted.

    Applications: Commercial Buildings, Fan Proving, Filter Monitoring in Air Handler Units, Building Pressure in Pharmaceutical-Semi-Conductor Clean Rooms

  • CET 200F Electromagnetic Flowmeter

    CET 200F Electromagnetic Flowmeter intended for different conductive liquids and suited for utility based applications. Compact and measured plan makes it reasonable for simple establishment.

    Application: Water& Wastewater, chilled water and HVAC Applications

    KSh 56576KSh 309841

    CET 200F Electromagnetic Flowmeter

    KSh 56576KSh 309841
  • ABB FEP-300 Magnetic Flow Meter

    ABB FEP-300 Magnetic Flow Meter is a powerful transmitter that is easy to use and provides the output signal that meets the needs. This Magnetic Flowmeter is a versatile, reasonable price, most accurate flow meter designed for all process industry applications. This FEP300 is a Standard model and offers the industries a wide range of linear electrodes and sizes to achieve the needs of the most demanding industrial process applications such as Oil and Gas, Chemicals, Power, pulp & paper, and metals & mining.

    Applications: Water distribution network, clean water supply, Monitoring and optimization of pump efficiency, Calculation of distribution system losses, Calculation of bills for water supplied, Irrigation systems, etc.

  • Aerosense AVT Air Velocity Transmitter

    Aerosense AVT Air Velocity Transmitter is a blend airspeed and temperature transmitter appropriate for estimation in HVAC Duct applications with a flexible neckline rib for simple mounting. With effortlessly configurable yields for both temperature and dampness utilizing jumper settings, it makes airspeed and stream estimations a breeze.

    Applications: Ducts, Cleanroom natural air supply, HVAC airspeed estimations, Exhaust stack wind current checking, Fan supply, Air Control in drying forms other applications include biological safety cabinets.

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