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  • Danfoss RT-121 Pressure Switch

    Danfoss RT-121 Pressure Switch comes with a controlled, single-pole change-over switch. The contact position depends on the pressure within the connection port and the set price. This Danfoss Air Pressure Switch  additionally workers neutral zone pressure switches, safety pressure switches for vessel plants, and gold plated fail-safe controls for applications within which safety or economic consequences are critical factors.
    Applications: Steam boiler plant, Control systems in factories, Diesel plants, Compressors, Power stations, and Onboard ships.

  • Danfoss MBS 3000 Pressure Transmitter

    Danfoss MBS 3000 Pressure Transmitter offers a reliable pressure measurement and is meant to use in industrial applications. Danfoss Pressure Transmitter conjointly performs best below powerful environmental conditions. Danfoss MBS 3000 has glorious vibration stability and is known for its strong structure, which features a high degree of EMC/EMI protection to figure within the hardest environmental conditions.

    Applications: HVAC Applications, Pumps, Compressors, Pneumatics, and Water treatment.

    KSh 13028KSh 13306

    Danfoss MBS 3000 Pressure Transmitter

    KSh 13028KSh 13306

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