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  • ADAPT Kelvin Pro Real Time Data Logger

    ADAPT Kelvin pro real time data logger is a Multi-use recorder to trace your moving shipments. In today’s digital world observance of crucial, high valued Assets that are terribly sensitive to environmental conditions is a lot of necessary. For this purpose, Kelvin professional Adapt Ideation’s new flagship product was designed. By exploiting Kelvin’s professional time period knowledge tracker we will simply monitor the moving shipments. kelvin pro helps in providing data like time period location chase with the assistance of geofencing, temperature Detection, Tamper and shock recognition, instant SMS updates, pdf Reports, etc. Kelvin professional additionally incorporates a smart battery lifetime of 15 days.


    Applications: food and beverages industries, Pharmaceutical Industries, Bio-pharma companies, transportation, Containers, Reusable supply chain activities, etc.

  • ADAPT LISA Real Time Data Logger

    ADAPT LISA real-time data Logger is a Multi-use Recorder to observe the moving assets for achieving larger visibility and transparency throughout the availability chain. During this trendy business era, each company needs to monitor the moving assets within the provide chain. With the assistance of LISA Multi-use Datalogger, we will monitor our moving assets and also the following data are offered and monitored in our hands like real-time Location chase, Temperature Detection, Long Battery Life, reversible, Track everything on our platform, instant alerts, and notifications, PDF Reports, IP64 Grade, etc.

    Applications: Transportation, Pharmaceutical Industries, Food Industries, Industrial BINS and Containers, Reusable Supply Chain Assets Activities, etc.

  • Tempnote TH32 Temperature and Humidity DataLogger

    Tempnote TH32 Temperature and Humidity DataLogger is highly engineered for applications in monitoring the Temperature and Humidity during Transportation, Storage, Refrigerator/freezer monitoring. It has a replaceable battery of CR2032 type, so no bar on usage limitation.
    Applications: Hospitals, Cold chains, Blood banks, Food Industry, Cargo, Reefer Trucks, and Pharmaceuticals.

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