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Ace 8 Channel Data Logger

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Ace 8 Channel Data Logger can Measure and Record various parameters like vacuum, pressure, Temperature, humidity & differential pressure in a single instrument. It can take 8 inputs say all of vacuum or Pressure or Temperature etc. Or each Channel 1 for Humidity, Channel 2 for Temperature Channel 3 for Differential Pressure & so on.

Applications of 8 channel data logger: Temperature recording application in Industry, Scientific research and Quality assurance applications, Research and Development.



Ace 8 Channel Data Logger can be used to read and record any 1 Input, on any 1 Channel & the remaining channels can be disabled using the Front keys. The remaining channels can be enable or disable based on the requirement.

Features of Ace Data Logger:

  • The instrument can be operates as a plane scanner, with the instrument’s primary function being to display the input value from the sensor.
  • Memory of 5000 readings can be stores in each of 8 channels
  • This Ace 8 Channel Data Logger comes with a standard communication port (RS 232 or RS485) for computer connectivity. The Data Logger has a Parallel Printer Port for direct printing to an 80/132 column Dot Matrix Printer.
  • The data logger has a Parallel printer port that allow it to print directly to an 80/132 Channel Printer without the need for a computer.
  • The front keys are use to program the print interval (the time between successive printouts).

Additional information


Ace Instruments

Model No

AI-800 series


1 Digit for Channel No. ; 4 Digits for Process Variable


8 Nos. of Vacuum / Pressure / Humidity (4-20 mA),Temperature (4-20 mA) RTD Pt-100 Sensors,0 -1/ 0-5 / 0-10 V DC, Any Standard Thermocouple,(To be specified at time of ordering)


±0.25 % on full scale


RS 232 / RS485 /USB Computer Connectivity Output & Optional Direct 80 Column Dot Matrix Printer Port

Memory Capacity

5000 Records of Each of the 8 Channels


Channel Skip , Hold & Auto Modes

Recording Duration

1 to 59 seconds ( User Programmable )

Supply Scope

Ace 8 Channel Data Logger, Flameproof Data Logger


2 Relay Contacts for Alarm & Trip

Power Supply

230 V.A.C., 50 Hz, Single Phase / Optional 24 V.D.C.


Standard, With 21CFR Software+ RS485 to USB Connection, With Standard Software+ RS485 to USB Connection


Provided alongwith and valid for 1 year, traceable to National Standards.


1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty


96 X 96 X 175 mm

Weight 0.8 kg
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8 Channel Data Logger

Ace 8 Channel Data Logger

KSh 36984KSh 50038

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