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Ace AI-RTD-FLP Flameproof Temperature Sensor

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Ace AI-RTD-FLP Flameproof Temperature Sensor having a blast evidence RTD sensors are made of the robust pass on the cast aluminum head with mineral protection. They can also be made of solid metal, SS304, and SS316. Our standard RTD sensors are guaranteed flameproof for gas bunches I, IIA and IIB and come complete with a Flameproof head.

Applications: include reactors, distillation columns, laboratories, mines, chemicals & petrochemicals.


Ace AI-RTD-FLP Flameproof Temperature Sensor with blast evidence RTD sensors are made of strong kick the bucket cast aluminum head with mineral protection.

 Features of Ace AI-RTD-FLP Flameproof Temperature Sensor :

  • The Flameproof RTD FLP Sensors are Stainless Steel 316 MOC sensors with Class A accuracy along with an Aluminium LM-6
  • Customized lengths & diameter of pipe are available for all temperature applications.
  • Simplex 3 Wire & Duplex 6 Wire Sensors available
  • The measuring range of the Flameproof RTD FLP Sensor is from -100 to +300 Deg.C & customized temperature measuring ranges are also available.
  • Head-Mounted Temperature transmitters are also available for 4-20mA, 2 wire current analog output.
  • Flameproof RTD FLPSensors have immense application in Pharmaceuticals, bulk drugs, petroleum & chemical industry & find extensive use

Additional information


Ace Instruments

Model No



Standard : -50.0 to +200.0 Deg. C Optional : -100.0 to +300.0 Deg. C Special : As per customer specification

Select Length

1000 mm, 300 mm, 500 mm, 600 mm, 750 mm


+/- 0.2 Deg. C + /- 1 count


Standard Stainless Steel 316 ; Optional Stainless Steel 316 Steamless / Any other as per customer specifications


Flameproof Thermocouple head certified by Central Institute of Mining & Fuel Research (CIMFR) for use in Gas Group Areas I, II, IIA & IIB


Pt-100, 3 Wire Type

Sensor Type

Simplex – RTD Pt-100 3 Wire Duplex – RTD Pt-100 6 Wire (2 outputs of 3 Wires Each )

Stem length and Diameter

Standard length of 300 mm.( 1 Foot ) ; Standard available 8mm. O.D


1 Year Manufacturing Warranty

Weight N/A
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Flameproof Temperature Sensor

Ace AI-RTD-FLP Flameproof Temperature Sensor

KSh 2187KSh 2676

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