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Fluke 374 True RMS AC/DC Clamp Meter

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Fluke 374 True RMS AC/DC Clamp Meter is good with the new iFlex adaptable current test, which measures the estimation range to 2500A AC and gives expanded presentation adaptability, and the enhanced wire gets to.
Applications: Electrical and Electronics Industries, Labs.

Fluke 374 True RMS AC/DC Clamp Meter offers improved performance perfect for a wide range of current measurement situations. With Fluke Clamp meter true-RMS AC voltage and current measurements, the Fluke Clamp meter can read up to 600 V and 600 A in both ac and dc modes with the fixed jaw.
Additionally, this clamp meter is compatible with the new iFlex flexible current probe (separate accessory) which upgrades the measurement range up to 2500 A ac and also provides display flexibility, ability to measure unevenly sized conductors, and improved wire access.

Features of Fluke 374 Clamp Meter:

  • iFlex adaptable current test (sold independently) grows the estimation range to 2500Amps. AC while giving expanded showcase adaptability, capacity to quantify cumbersome measured conduits and enhanced wire get to.
  • Proprietary inrush estimation innovation to sift through the commotion and catch engine beginning current precisely as the circuit insurance sees it.
  • The ergonomic plan fits in your grasp and can be utilized while wearing individual defensive hardware.
  • Large, simple to peruse backdrop illumination show naturally sets the right estimation run so you don’t have to change the switch positions while taking an estimation.

Additional information



Model No

Fluke 374

Measuring Parameters

AC Current via Flexible Current Probe, AC Current via Jaw, AC Voltage, Capacitance, DC Current, DC Voltage, Resistance

AC Current via Jaw

600.0 A, 999.9 A


2 % ±5 digits (10 Hz to 100 Hz), 2.5% ± 5 digits (100 to 500 Hz)


0.1 A

AC Current via Flexible Current Probe

2500 A


3% ±5 digits (5 to 500 Hz)


0.1 A (≤ 600 A), 1 A (≤ 2500 A)

Current DC

600 A, 999.9 A

Current DC Accuracy

2% ± 5 digits

Current DC Resolution

0.1 A

Voltage AC

1000 V, 600 V

Voltage AC Accuracy

1.5% ± 5 digits (20 to 500 Hz)

Voltage AC Resolution

0.1 V (≤ 600.0 V), 1 V (≤ 1000 V)

Voltage DC

1000 V, 600.0 V

Voltage DC Accuracy

1 % ± 5 digits

Voltage DC Resolution

0.1 V (≤ 600.0 V), 1 V (≤ 1000 V)


60 kΩ, 6000 Ω

Resistance Accuracy

1% ± 5 digits

Resistance Resolution

0.1 Ω (≤ 600 Ω), 1 Ω (≤ 6000 Ω)


1000 µF

Capacitance Accuracy

1% ± 4 digits

Capacitance Resolution

0.1 μF (≤ 100 μF), 1 μ F (≤ 1000 μF)

Operating Temperature

10°C to +50°C

Storage Temperature

-40 to +60 °C

Operating Humidity

Non condensing (< 10 to 0°C), ≤ 45% RH (at 40°C to 50°C), ≤ 75% RH (at 30°C to 40°C), ≤ 90% RH (at 10°C to 30°C)

Operating Altitude

3000 meters

Storage Altitude

12,000 meters


1000V Measurement Category (CAT) III, 600V Measurement Category (CAT) IV


2 AA alkaline batteries, NEDA 15A, IEC LR6


246 X 83 X 43 mm


388 Grams

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Fluke 374 True RMS AC/DC Clamp Meter

KSh 43659

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