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GQ GMC-320 Plus V5 Digital Geiger Counter

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GQ GMC-320 Plus V5 Digital Geiger Counter is a new generation Geiger Counter from GQ Electronics. It is an enhanced version of GMC-320. It added new features from the previous models, such as WIFI connectivity, wireless data logging to the server, front LED indicator, analog data port output, new graphic type, etc.
It can log the data to the server via a wireless WIFI connection and internal memory simultaneously. It is designed to be a portable and convenient device. The device comes with built-in audible and visual signals for the level of radiation detected. It can be used for radiation detection and monitoring both indoor and outdoor, as well as in other similar environments.
Applications: Building Material, Hospital Radiation Therapy Monitoring for Cancer, Food, Water, Indoor/outdoor, X-Ray

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GQ GMC-320 Plus V5 Digital Geiger Counter features automatic data recording. It can continually monitor the radiation and log the data each second into internal memory. When connected to a PC, the software can download the radiation history data to the computer, and the user can analyze those data later.

Features of GQ GMC-320 Plus V5 Digital Geiger Counter:

  • Small, portable hand-held
  • The audio and visual indication for nuclear radiation detections.
  • Dot-matrix LCD digital display model with backlight.
  • USB Data port for connection with computer/PC/laptop GQ Soft Geiger Counter software
  • Battery charging feature for charging the internal battery.
  • USB DC input port for external power input so that continually monitoring becomes possible.
  • A powerful counter circuit is capable of handling high CPM counting.
  • High sensitivity tube M4011 installed (user can remove this tube install other tubes if needed)
  • Real-time graphic mode provides visualized real-time radiation changes, so that much easier to observe the data changes. It also displays the CPM rate at the same time. In Graphic mode, the ZOOM feature lets the user see from lowest to highest graph onscreen.
  • Date time set the real-time clock.
  • Temperature display in Celsius OR Fahrenheit.
  • Swivel display setting. Auto 180-degree swivel display provides a convenient reading when unit upside down.
  • a built-in battery charging circuit
  • On-board real-time clock, temperature sensor, electronic gyroscope
  • Once megabytes onboard flash memory for history data record

Additional information


GQ Electronics

Model No

GMC-320 Plus V5

Radiation Detection

Beta, Gamma, and X-Ray

Detection Dose Range

0 ~ 4250uSv/h

Detection CPM Range

0 ~ 655350 CPM

Detectable Energy Range

0.1~3.0 MeV

Own Background

<0,2 Pulses/s

Working Voltage


Working power

0.045W – 0.2W

Power Supply

3.6V/3.7V battery / USB power


135 x 78 x 25 mm

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GQ GMC-320 Plus V5 Digital Geiger Counter

GQ GMC-320 Plus V5 Digital Geiger Counter

KSh 27617

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