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GQ GMC 600 Plus Gamma Radiation Dosimeter

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GQ GMC 600 Plus Gamma Radiation Dosimeter is a portable nuclear radiation detector or pocket dosimeter. It detects Alpha, Beta, Gamma, X-Ray Radiation and can be used as a continuous radiation monitor or used as a personal dosimeter.
Applications: Real-time testing evaluation, scientific testing on building material, In-hospital industry like radiation therapy monitor for cancer, food, water, x-ray and more.

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GQ GMC 600 Plus Gamma Radiation Dosimeter detects and visualizes the radiation in real-time and records the historical data for future analysis. Nuclear radiation is invisible but threatening to human health, environmental safety. The thoughtful design provides easy-to-use basic features as well as advanced features for users to explore and is easy to carry in a pocket dosimeter.

Features of GQ GMC 600 Plus Gamma Radiation Dosimeter:

  • Accumulative dosimeter for personal use
  • Independent calibration
  • Fast reading in a couple of seconds
  • Data logging record first, playback later
  • The large display provides more information
  • Adjustable backlight and contrast
  • GMC data viewer iOS App
  • Open protocol
  • Swivel display

Additional information


GQ Electronics

Model No

GMC 600


Alpha, Beta, Gamma and X-Ray

Detectable Energy Range

~0.1MeV(Gamma), ~2.0MeV(Alpha), ~10KeV(X-Ray)

Detection CPM Range

0 ~ 982980 CPM

Detection Dose Range

0 ~ 4250uSv/h

Own Background

0,2 Pulses/s

Tube Installed

LND 7317


Dot-matrix with backlight, 128×64

Internal Flash Memory


Power Supply

3.6V/3.7V battery / USB power

Working Voltage


Power Consumption

0.045W – 0.2W

Wifi Module


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GQ GMC 600 Plus Gamma Radiation Dosimeter

GQ GMC 600 Plus Gamma Radiation Dosimeter

KSh 74712

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