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RADEX RD1706 Geiger Counter

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RADEX RD1706 Geiger Counter measures x-ray and beta radiation. It is the new addition to the RADEX family of radiation detectors and monitors. This device can be used not only by professionals working with sources of ionizing radiation but also by average consumers interested in checking the contamination of places and objects and knowing the results with a high degree of precision. RADEX RD1706 is capable of: increased precision of indications; expanded range of indications (to 999.0 µSv/h).

Applications: Real-time testing evaluation, scientific testing on building material, In-hospital industry like radiation therapy monitor for cancer, food, water, x-ray and more.

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RADEX RD1706 Geiger Counter small and tight construction of the radiation analysis device ensures transportations with fewer expenses. It uses two SBM20-1 types of Geiger-Muller counters, one each for beta- and gamma-rays. The long battery life of both radiation analyzers makes operations easier. The use of two separate sensors allowed us to reduce the time of observation from 40 seconds to 26 seconds while improving the precision of indications. The range of indications was expanded 100 times, compared to RADEX RD1503. RD1706 can register the value of a doze-rate as high as 999.0 µSv/h. Time of observation automatically adjusts from 26 seconds to as low as 1 second when the presence of strong radiation sources is detected.

Features of RADEX RD1706 Geiger Counter  :

  •  Detection of beta- and x-ray radiation
  • Range of measured Gamma radiation energy: 1-1.25 MeV.
  • Range of measured X-ray radiation energy: 0.03-3.0 MeV.
  • Range of measured Beta radiation energy: 0.25-3.5 MeV.
  • Time of continuous operation: ~500 hours.
  • Able to register x-ray radiation. Reduced time of observation (26-sec measurement cycle) compared to RD1503 .
  • Acoustical signal
  • Small and tight
  • Fast measurements
  • Comfortable usage
  • Several languages

Additional information



Model No


Gamma Radiation

0.1 … 1.25 MeV

X-Ray Radiation

0.03 … 3.0 MeV

Beta Radiation

0.25 … 3.5 MeV

Limit Value

0.31 … 99.0 µSv/h

Calculation Time

40 ± 0.5 seconds

Display Time


Power Supply

one or two AAA batteries 1.5 V

Operating Time

550 hrs




90 Grams

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RADEX RD1706 Geiger Counter

KSh 125941

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