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Testo 160 IAQ WiFi Data Logger

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Testo 160 IAQ wifi data Logger is ideal for observation indoor air quality in facility management. If there are a lot of individuals during a space the air quality deteriorates. Solid observation is particularly necessary for the lightweight of the actual fact that indoor air quality is connected to our prosperity. The Testo IAQ wifi data logger is ideal for checking indoor air quality in workplace administration. The Testo IAQ data logger monitors the close conditions temperature, humidity, air pressure, and also the dioxide concentration in buildings.

Applications: Public facilities, office complexes, and education institutions.

Testo 160 IAQ wifi data Logger monitors the Temperature, dampness, co2, and air weight, it exactly decides the atmospheric condition in every area. It will likewise perform long-standing time estimations with no bother. Estimation info is placed away by the info logger through your LAN foursquare to the Testo Cloud. On the off chance that edge esteems are surpassed, you may be suggested instantly by email or (alternatively) SMS attributable to the alert capability. you’ll get to any or all estimating qualities and investigation capacities whenever and from anywhere with an online skilled cellular phone, tablet or laptop.

Features of Testo 160 IAQ WiFi Data Logger:

  • Ideal for monitoring indoor air quality (IAQ)
  • This IAQ Wifi Data Logger perfectly fits the surroundings with an optional, customizable deco-cover
  • Easy to install, integrate and operate – particularly user-friendly with air quality displayed in the form of a traffic light system
  • Perfectly networked: data storage in the Testo Cloud, real-time alarm via email or SMS (optional in conjunction with an Advanced license)

Additional information



Model No


Measuring Parameters

Absolute Pressure, Ambient CO₂, Humidity, Temperature

Temperature Range

0 to 50˚C

Temperature Accuracy


Temperature Resolution


Humidity Accuracy

±2% RH at +25°C

Humidity Range

0 to 100% RH

Humidity Resolution

0.1% RH

Carbon Dioxide

0 to 5000 ppm

Carbon Dioxide Resolution


Carbon Dioxide Accuracy

±(50 ppm + 3 % of m.v.) at +25 °C

Pressure Range

600 to 1100 mbar

Pressure Accuracy

±3 mbar at +22°C

Pressure Resolution

1 mbar

Operating Temperature

0 to 50°C

Storage Temperature

0 to 50°C

Measuring Rate

Dependent on Cloud licence; Basic: 15 min … 24 h / Advanced: 1 min … 24 h

Power Supply

4 x AA batteries 1.5 V, alternatively mains unit via USB connection

Battery Life

1 Year

Memory Capacity

32,000 Measuring values / Sum of all channels

Protection Class

IP 20

Communication Rate

Dependent on Cloud licence; Basic: 15 min … 24 h / Advanced: 1 min … 24 h

Supply Scope

Testo 160 IAQ Deco-cover, Wall-Bracket, Spare Batteries and Mains Unit for Wireless Lan Data Logger


117 X 82 X 32 mm


269 Grams

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