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Testo 184 G1 Transport Data Logger

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Testo 184 G1 Transport logger for temperature, humidity & shock you’ll be able to now monitor the transport of sensitive products like electronics, art, pharmaceuticals, or foods over unlimited operative time.

Applications: Cold storage, Refrigerator containers, Food processing.

Testo 184 G1 Transport data Logger is designed specifically for the monitoring of temperature, humidity, and shock, ratio throughout transportation. additionally, to temperature and humidity measuring, a 3-axle acceleration sensing element measures any vibrations that occur throughout the transportation.

Benefits of Testo 184G1 Transport Data Logger:

  • If limit values are violated during transport a glance at the display or the LEDs is enough to Identify
  • The temperature data logger is intuitively operated and can be used without special training or previous knowledge
  • Easy to use i.e. “Start” button begins data recording. “Stop” ends it.
  • In each data logger, a configuration file is stored, with which the configuration of the temperature data logger is childs play i.e no download, no installation, no user interface, and no additional costs are required.
  • This transport data logger can be read out on site with an NFC-capable Android smartphone. Data transfer from the data logger to a compatible Testo fast printer also functions wirelessly via NFC.
  • The data loggers work securely without software installation or download so that IT problems are triggered neither by the firewall nor the virus scanner.

Additional information



Model No

184 G1

Measuring Parameters

Humidity, Shock, Temperature

Temperature Range

-20°C to 70°C

Temperature Accuracy

±0.5°C For 0 to +70°C, ±0.8°C For -20 to +0°C

Temperature Resolution


Humidity Range

0 to 100% RH

Humidity Accuracy

±1.8 %RH +3 % of m.v. at +25°C (5 to 80 %RH), ±0.03 %RH / K (0 to 60°C)

Humidity Resolution

0.1% RH

Shock Resistance

0 to 27 g

Shock Accuracy

±(0.1 g + 5% of mv)

Shock Resolution

0.1 g

Measuring Rate

1 min to 24 h


LCD, 1 line

Operating Temperature

-20 to +70°C

Storage Temperature

-55 to +70°C

Reaction time

t90 =30 min



Protection Class

IP 30


by LED and Display

System Requirements

Adobe® Acrobat Reader




Lithium battery CR2450, 3V, exchangeable

Battery Life

120 days (at +25 °C and 15 min. meas. cycle)

Memory Capacity

64,000 measurement values (temperature and humidity); 1,000 measurement values (shock)


CE 2014/30/EU, CFR 21 Part 11 (in use with testo ComSoft CFR-Software), DIN EN 50581:2013, DIN EN 61326-1:2013, HACCP International



Supply Scope

USB data logger testo 184 G1 for temperature,humidity and shock, unlimited operating duration thanks to exchangeable battery, incl. wall bracket


44 X 12 X 97 mm


45 Grams

Weight 1 kg
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Testo Temperature Data Logger

Testo 184 G1 Transport Data Logger

KSh 39597

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