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WatchGas QGM IR Multi-Gas Monitor

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WatchGas QGM IR Multi-Gas Monitor is a portable multi-gas device designed to keep you and your employee safe when operating in dangerous conditions. The QGM WatchGas allows monitoring of up to four separate gases. WatchGas QGM IR Monitor track Oxygen, helium, carbon monoxide, sulfide, and gasoline gases.
Applications: (Petro)chemical plants and factories, Tank storage parks, Wastewater treatment facilities, Mining industry, Construction sites, Governments/first responders, Food and beverage industry.

WatchGas QGM IR Multi-Gas Monitor track elements like Oxygen, helium, carbon monoxide gas, and sulfide. If these gases square measure higher than concentrations, WatchGas QGM IR Multi-Gas Monitor warns the user of warning thresholds. The 90dB acoustic warning, vibratory, flicker LEDs. The integrated data logger records the limit and event logger. Average costs, warnings, days, and times of calibration to 2 months of testing details. you thought to get each logs WatchGas IR-link is downloaded to your laptop Apps.-Software. Normal practicality could be a chemical change LEL reader. Otherwise, With non-dispersive might you opt your QGM detector Infrarot. The IR LEL detector is energy-efficient, Boost battery life for up to 2 months loaded single.
Features of Watch Gas IR QGM Multi-Gas Monitor :

  • Authorized IECEx and ATEX zone 0.
  • Easy single-button operation.
  • Robust, safe housing.
  • Shows real amounts of carbon, TWA, and STEL values.
  • Customizable warning levels using the IR Watch Gas Connection.
  • Data log: up to two months or more.
  • Electronic, acoustic, and vibrating detector.
  • Docking station eligible for fast bump and calibration.
Types Range Resolution Response Time
LEL 0 to 100 %LEL 1 % LEL < 15sec/90%scale
Oxygen 0 to 30 %VOL 0.1 %VOL < 15sec/90%scale
CO 0 to 500 ppm 1 ppm < 30sec/90%scale
H2S 0 to 100 ppm 0.1 ppm < 30sec/90%scale

Additional information



Model No


Measuring Parameters

CO, H2S, LEL, Oxygen

Sensor Life

> 2 year


Digital LCD display, LCD Backlight, indicator LEDs, flashing alarm

Operation Mode

Single Button

Operating Temperature

-20 to +50° C

Operating Humidity

10 to 95% RH

Operating Time

24 hours


Stainless steel belt clip

Event Log

Data log 2 months or more Event log / calibration log / bump log: 30 event


Lithium-ion rechargeable battery Charging time < 6h


60 X 40 X 118 mm


240 Grams

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WatchGas QGM IR Multi Gas Monitor

WatchGas QGM IR Multi-Gas Monitor

KSh 103115

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