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  • Lutron FR-5105 Fruit Hardness Tester

    Lutron FR-5105 Fruit Hardness Tester is used to measure the hardness of the fruit (Health of the fruits) such as apples, pears, strawberries, grapes, large/ small and hard fruits, and/ soft fruits and is displayed on the LCD screen. This Lutron Fruit Tester is useful to judge fruit’s maturity degree. This Lutron fruit Tester has a good display with peak hold and indicates high accuracy and helps the user to know the quality of the Fruits.
    Applications: Agriculture, food factories, fruit farm, supermarkets, etc.

  • Fluke 59Max+ Infrared Thermometer

    Fluke 59Max+ Infrared Thermometer is a device designed that measures Temperature. This Infrared Thermometer has a measuring Temperature range of up to 500 °C and is displayed on the screen, so users can easy to read out. The IR Thermometer is designed as small and lightweight it can easily fit into your toolbox. This Fluke Infrared Thermometer has built the 59 MAX+ IR thermometers with the precision and users need to do the job accurately and within your budget.
    Applications: Electrical, Industrial, HVAC, Agriculture, etc.

  • CEM GD-3803 Multiple Gas Analyzer

    CEM GD-3803 Multiple Gas Analyzer is a device that designed for measuring Oxygen, Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide, Air Temperature and Humidity. This Multiple Gas Analyzer also has a rechargeable battery and can save up to 500 data points. This is a best Multiple Gas Analyzer Device that which has been choose by the many Industries to detect these gases.
    Applications: Hospitals, Stadiums, Offices, Industries, etc.

  • Danfoss KP15A Pressure switch

    Danfoss KP15A Pressure switch are fitted with a single pole double-throw and the position of the switch is determined by the pressure switch setting and pressure at the conductor. This Danfoss KP15A pressure switch can be directly connected to a single-phase AC motor up to approx. 2 KW or it can be installed in the control circuit of DC motor and large AC motors.

    Applications: control systems in factories, Steam boiler plants, diesel plants, power stations, onboard ships, and compressors.

  • Danfoss KPS35 Pressure Switch Thermostat

    Danfoss KPS35 Pressure Switch Thermostat consist of a series of pressure and temperature controlled switches. This Danfoss KPS35 pressure switch the position of the contact depends on the pressure in the inlet connection and the set scale value.

    Applications: Alarm and regulations systems in the factories, Diesel Plant, compressors, PowerStation and on board ships.

  • Danfoss RT110 Pressure Switch

    Danfoss RT 110 Pressure Switch incorporate a pressure controlled, single-pole change over switch where the contact position depends on the pressure in the connection port and the set value. This Danfoss RT 110 consists of Pressure switches, and differential Pressure Switches for neutral regulation.

    Applications: control systems in factories, Steam boiler plant, compressors, power stations, diesel plants and onboard ships etc.

  • Danfoss MP 55 Differential Pressure Switch

    Danfoss MP 55 Differential Pressure Switch is used in refrigerant systems with R717 and additionally systems with HCFC and non-flammable HFC refrigerants. MP 55 Pressure Switch has a fixed differential pressure setting. This Danfoss MP55 additionally incorporates a thermal time relay with a set release time setting.

    Applications: HVAC, Industrial Applications, etc.

  • Metravi DT-720 LED Stroboscope

    Metravi DT-720 LED Stroboscope is used to measure the RPM values of the rotating objects. This Digital Tachometer Measures the high speed motors, fans, and pumps etc. This Tachometer aslo has the Led Light is has high brightness and wider range.
    Applications: cardboard manufacturing, Automotive, aircraft construction, Mining, Shipbuilding, Industrial, and motor manufacturing.

  • Backline Safety G7C Multi Gas Detector

    Backline Safety G7C Multi Gas Detector is automatically watches over the employees and lone workers. This Gas Detector has 3G cellular connectivity to link with the team. This Multi Gas Detector also has the connectivity of radio coverage of 100 countries.
    Applications: Building materials, X-Ray, Indoor and Outdoor, Hospital Radiation Therapy Monitoring for Cancer etc.

  • Airthings Digital Radon Detector

    Airthings Digital Radon Detector is a Portable Device that is designed to Monitor the Radon Levels in the Indoor Environment. This Corentium Home Radon Detector is battery operated and monitors your home without the need for an outlet. This Radon detecting device has a feature that displays the Long-term average radon levels and Short-term average radon levels. Thus, Long-term average radon levels are to understand and forecast the increasing Radon levels in the home priorly. whereas the Short-term average radon levels is to observe your daily radon fluctuations and take necessary actions when there is a rise in radon levels in the home or indoor living environments. It helps to save the lives of people from radon gas in the living environment.

    Applications: Home, hospitals, offices, Indoor Environment, etc.

  • One Degree Cold Chain Single Use Data Logger

    Cold chain Single Use Data Logger is designed to monitor the temperature for product such as pharmaceuticals products, food and brewages. The temperature of perishable goods is highly sensitive. With the wide temperature detection range from -30 degree to 70 degree Celsius the single use data logger accurately detect and record the data. The accuracy of data is never compromised with temperature accuracy being +-0.2 degree Celsius between 0 degree Celsius and 60 degree Celsius while being +- 0.5 degree Celsius between other ranges.
    Applications: Warehouse, Pharmaceuticals industries,  Food Industries, Blood Storage Box, Vaccine storage Box

  • ACE AI-DP1 Digital Differential Pressure Indicator

    ACE AI-DP1 Digital Differential Pressure Indicator digital readout differential pressure gauges suited for application in clean rooms, laminar airflow cabinets, biosafety cabinets, AHU, etc. Differential pressure indicators are part replacement for the analog Magnehelic® gauges & are easy to use with a clear 4 digit Led display. It comes with a built-in sensor & buzzer alarm with an acknowledgment facility for process violation alerts.

    Applications: Pharmaceutical Clean Rooms, Laminar Air Flow Cabinets, HVAC, Biosafety Cabinets, AHUs, etc.

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